July 3, 2021
Toilet update:
We can now confirm that work to repair two faults to the drainage pipes and damage to a manhole, identified via extensive CCTV investigations of the system, at Shute Lane toilets is scheduled to start next week. Work will also be undertaken to remove a large piece of concrete that is blocking the system. Once this work has been completed, we will be able to replace the damaged toilet caused by vandalism and the toilets should be opened fully.
We can also confirm that the public toilets are cleaned twice daily, first thing in the morning and around lunchtime. We have requested costings from our contractors with regards to an additional clean in the afternoon. If you find the toilets are not clean, please email or call us with specific times and details of the issue so we can address these issues with our contractors.
We have looked into bringing in some portaloos to help with the situation but at present there is no availability until September which doesn’t help us now.
Thank you for your patience in this matter.