June 30, 2018

Porthleven Town Council publishes report for a community owned heat network in Porthleven

“When Cornwall Council approached me to investigate developing a heat network for Porthleven I was confident it was the right thing to do. The study built upon the clear responses we had from the community highlighting the importance of the environment and renewable energy schemes. Going forwards its crucial what we do today is not a mistake for future generations to fix but something that they can build upon” Alan Jorgensen, Porthleven Town Councillor.

As you will read the report highlights various carbon reduction options and draws conclusions that a sea water heat network is technically possibly although without a ‘golden egg’ the project may struggle to move forwards commercially at this point in time. The report details costings of a £13.25 million pound investment returned over 20 years to provide heat and hot water to initially 674 properties in Porthleven including the local school.

If you would like a copy of the report please contact the Town Clerk via email @ porthleventc@tiscali.co.uk